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Mary's Fantasy - Boys In Formals - Society Of Sissies

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Boys In Formals - Society Of Sissies

thumbnailIt had all come together a few days ago. That little dress she wanted him to try on. A dress meant for a little girl but his size and a wig meant for a boy that didn't have long blond hair in curls. There was a slip and panties and he'd balked a little but it was too late by then.

Too large because he was already wearing panties and they were already meant for a little girl. At first he was wearing hers. Panties far too big but that made it less like cross dressing and more like the fantasy she said it was. Her panties then and her nightgown and it was her nightgown before those panties. Just something a little sensuous and daring and playful.

They'd met by accident only he knew, not too long after that fateful day it wasn't an accident. He was chosen and that accident staged after her choice. She wanted a male suitable as a male but someone that could play the part of a girl because she liked her men submissive. A little girl because little girls have cuter clothes than big girls.

He was walking through the courtyard to his dorm when she bumped into him. The drink she held flowed over him fully and destroyed the book he was carrying. She apologized profusely and insisted she replace his book and those clothes he was wearing. She had the money he'd noted and lunch came soon after they'd shopped to replace his jeans, shirt and books.

They were so far apart he'd thought then. She was statuesque, beautiful, wealthy and no doubt sought after by men far more suited to a woman like this one. So far out of his league he didn't even consider such a notion but he did.

He imagined such things but they were fantasy of sorts and he'd had those fantasies long ago when he was also the smallest in his class. Smallest in every class growing up. Smallest now as a freshmen and sitting there feeling silly over those notions. Only she seemed to be attracted to him and that was made clear when she invited him to dinner.

He did ask why daring to break the illusion and she'd noted there were other things that women find attractive in men. His mind was some of it, his personality another part she'd noted and if he was uncomfortable with that she would understand. She left him to chose and he'd chosen without hesitation or reservations and sex, when it came, was glorious.

She flowed into bed dressed as a goddess and a couple of nights later suggested he share in those silken layers. It had been so playfully executed and part of that play before sex again and who wouldn't do as this queen commanded for the queen's favors. He'd allowed it to happen wanting it to happen.

They played again and again each time a little more then that night she teased him into her panties and soon after a nightgown that fit. It wasn't hers she'd admitted that. It was new and she admitted that as well but not too much different than before so he'd allowed that as well. The panties followed and those to were new.

In the days that followed he had a weeks of panties and a couple of nightgowns, a robe and slippers to dress in for their interlude. He didn't want to wear makeup but she insisted out of curiosities sake and he shared in that curiosity and she was right, he was pretty as a girl. That dress, that satin and chiffon little girl's was there in her room soon after.

It was his she said. So was that slip that went with it and those panties not made for everyday. He was trapped so completely he didn't say a word. He was trapped so entirely he walked happily into that bath she wanted to give him. It was ceremonial almost that bath and her dressing him.

There was nothing left of the man when it was over and yet he was more male at the height of it, because of what she'd done. He was driven that night and insatiable just as she was. How odd that was for clothes to do that given the type of those clothes.

She answered his questions honestly and yes, he was pursured and yes, because of his size. In the end it didn't matter and in the end, as she fluffed his dress over the layers of slips he'd given himself over to this odd set of circumstances that was no longer odd. At least not until the night of the party.

It hadn't been a full month of this when she confussed to the party and his role at her side. There would be others, all of them like him and not one a girl. Each as elegantly dressed as he was in his dress as he and she stood by the grand staircase greeting those arriving.

Dinner and a ment tea and stories of each others conquest took them well into the evening. Some, not all, had been students and a couple still were as he found the courage to ask. It went so fast he mused that evening as she helpped him out of his dress. There would be other nights she promissed helpping him into his nightgown.

They would meet once a month, not counting the outtings that were often scheduled. Mother and daughter sorts of things and he'd laughed. He'd laughed right up until she laid the diaper out. That was new and the only time since the beginning that he resisted. It was one of the reason the nightgown had been so much shorter than the rest.

The why of it went along with his little dresses she said. To be submissive is to submit, she noted, and a few minutes later his surrender was complete when she pinned that soft cotton closed around him. They were still panties she mused as she slipped his ruffled baby pants over his feet and just as cute he decided as he lifted his bottom for her.

There were worse ways to spend an evening he'd thought as she brought him closer to nurse. Far worse he decided as he thought of the word sissy. He was a sissy among a society of sissies and suddenly smiled at the words as she patted the ruffles across his bottom.

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