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Boys In Girl's Dance Costumes - Balance

thumbnailKeeping your balance in this little outfit might be difficult if you are lucky enough to be this boy. He started with a pastel blue pair of silk tights carefully fitted before stepping into the satiny bloomers. Bloomers designed to peek just below the skirts and slips. Bloomers color keyed to his laced waist cinch which goes on after his dress and those slips. Slips of very short and very full petticoats in tulle, chiffon and taffeta gather at his waist and flair the dress almost to arms reach. His dress is added then and his balance gets even more shaky with the panels of white and blue satin separated with silver vains of sparkle sequins. There is a wide layer of lace around the skirt and neck line with puffy sleeves to tease him on occasion. His ribbon choker matches the one a mother would match to his hair before kissing him her good luck.

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