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Boys In Girl's Dance Costumes - Best Friends

thumbnailThey had been friends for a long time so the request to dance as John's partner for his practice was bad but not as bad as it might be. At least not at first. At least not until he asked Rick to wear the costume the girl might wear. It was necessary John said only because he worried how the skirts and slips might effect some of his steps and holds. Rick said no, then maybe and finally yes but only if John would wear a girl's costume as well. John agreed and they dressed - quitely. Rick in the pink chiffon, lace and satin and John in a blue set that matched in style. It wasn't until they stood in front of the mirror that the reality of what they were doing came into their gaze and a minute later their hands met. "Boys don't hold hands." Rick muttered softly but saying so without letting go. "Girls can!" John said with a soft smile and a face flushed pink. They left practice far closer than when they had arrived.

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