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Boys In Girl's Costumes - Little Miss Sparkle

thumbnailSomeone once said that a boy dressing in girl's clothes will sometimes "sparkle". The mother of this boy saw that look again when she began this costume. It was that look was on her son's face when she walked in on him one day trying on his cousin's dance outfit. A simple act of curiosity given his history but that look on his face suggested otherwise.

So she devised an outfit that would be a costume or at least go under the heading of "costume" and test that theory of hers. She'd found tights that shined and an outfit that went with those tights and picked it some for the panties that would be worn over the tights. If dressing in girlish clothes would make her son sparkle then she was going to give him every reason to.

It worked and he did sparkle. He sparkled as he fit himself into those blush pink tights with the glitter and even before that. He sparkled move after the satiny body suit which was just before the panties and skirt. The skirt was sheer chiffon gathered and layered but not nearly as wide as a ballerina's. Just wide enough for the hands to rest on or move over as he laced his satin slippers with the pink ribbon.

Ribbon for his hair and a touch more for his wrist and that look came back on her son's face just as she remembered it. The simple truth was he sparkled. He blushed also when she pinched his cheek and called him her Little Miss Sparkle.

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