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Boys In Girl's Dance Costumes
A Boy Named Colleen

Of course Carl could be running around the Irish countryside with his cousin's Scott and Brent. That, his mother had said, had been one of two options. His second option, the one he was getting ready for, was to spend the afternoon with his sister and cousin Colleen.

Carl had been warned twice to leave the girls alone. His two boy cousins also suggesting he heed that warning. They knew their mother's temper well. They knew what teasing their sister would bring. They left Carl alone as soon as they saw the dress.

Carl hadn't listened and his aunt, they also said, never went past that second warning. Nor his own mother and it only took a few seconds for Carl to understand why his aunt was holding that dress, and why his cousin's had run off.

He should have gone with them. He knew that, and suggested it even as his mother took the dress leaving his aunt to return with what he would wear under it. His mother ignored his pleas reminding him that he'd been warned twice. She also told him to take his clothes off. Since he would rather spend time inside with the girls then it was only right he dress like them.

His aunt returning then with the panties, slip, shoes and socks. His sister and cousin just outside the room giggled. Both wore the same sorts of dresses that he was about to wear. Carl's sister was learning some of the basics of Step Dancing. Step dancing, an Irish form of folk dancing is vigorous, exacting and fun, and the dresses part of that.

Carl, his mother noted, would learn some of those same steps his cousin was teaching his sister. When he had the basics down he could go back out with his cousins. In the meantime, his mother noted, there were those panties, that slip and a dress suitable to practice in.

It would be ironic that in each of the children's luggage, as they worked their way through customs, was a pretty dress. One for Carl's sister and one for Carl. A gift from his aunt just before leaving. He'd gotten quite good at those basics. He'd also gotten quite fond of those other basics he'd worn under that dress.

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