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Boys In Girl's Dance Costumes
Swinging Summer

Swinging SummerThe two dresses were variations of a theme for a pageant shop chain to preview. Cindy, Mark's cousin would model both for the women coming over. Although, Mark's aunt had noted, it would be so much better if both dresses were worn at the same time. That way the women coming by could do a side by side comparison.

It was the absence of males and gentle pleading of his aunt that convinced Mark to be one of the models. Actually Mark had continued saying no until Cindy's whisper that she knew Mark was trying on her things. Mark denied it at first until Cindy noted exactly where Mark was keeping one of her slips and two pair of her panties.

Six women arrived that Saturday afternoon to preview Aunt Rose's designs. Rose explained that she was using her nephew as one of the models so the woman could view both styles side by side. The manager absolutely adored the brave young man that came out with his cheeks glowing crimson.

"To be perfectly frank, I was a little surprised when he agreed to model that second dress!" Mark's aunt noted to the buyer from the store who was more than a little surprised to see a boy in one of the dresses she was looking at. Mark's aunt echoed her own surprise, but was pleased to have both dresses being compared.

The conversation went past the sale and to Mark's aunt's surprise the order was twice what she expected. Twice the number of styles which now included a new commission for additional style changes. Mark's aunt would need a week to make those model changes she'd noted which the manager agreed to.

That manager also asked if Mark would be modeling those dresses as well. Something adorable about a boy in such pretty things looking as happy as Mark was. That manager hinted that it was Mark modeling his own dress that had convinced her to increase the order. Mark's aunt assured her he would be.

Of course Mark was thrilled while trying desperately not to show it when his aunt told him what she hoped would be the plan. Both Mark and Cindy were dressing in the afternoons so Rose could make the finishing touches. By the time that week rolled around Mark was also wearing Cindy's nightgowns to bed and learning a few things about being a model.

When the women returned Mark's demeanor surprised the women even more which prompted another suggestion. Of course he would be wearing a wig when they went to the photographer for the advertising photos. That manager didn't see any reason to use any other girls since she already had two that were as pretty as any she might find.

There were several things worthy of noting when Mark returned home by the end of that Summer: Those dresses Cindy had given him that now hung to one side of his closet which included that pretty blue chiffon he'd worn for the buyers. His own few items to wear under them and those pictures.

Mark had nearly fainted when he was walking to school with his chums and saw the poster. It was his cousin and him under the name of that dress manufacturer hanging in the widow of a dress store advertising the new fashions for Fall. "She's cute!" One of the boys noted although Mark wasn't sure if his friend was talking about him or his cousin.

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