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Boys In Girl's Dance Costumes

Boys as Ballerinas? Of course! I mean if you are going to
dress as a girl then let me ask: What could possibly be more feminine,
more girlish or, in this case, more sissy than something a ballerina might wear?
For that matter what about those delicious skating outfits?
So what could be more fun than sharing some of the pleasures
these boys have found than to imagine you've found it as well?


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Page 1: Balance Page 2: Best Friends
  Page 3: Little Ballerina Page 4: Little Miss Sparkle
 Page 5: Walk Like An Egyptian Page 6: My Little Powder Puff
Page 7: My Little Colleen Page 8: National Ballet Day

Page 9: Ballerina Summer Page 10: Swinging Summer


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