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Boys As Dolls
I can Pose Doll

thumbnailIronically this I Can Pose doll costume goes back to 1959 and an eighteen month old boy on the occasion of his first Halloween. Of course the second version came seventeen years later and slightly bigger than the first. It was in honor of mother's day when Edward decided to present his mother with something different.

He had, just prior to that and in the eyes of the law, become an adult but his mother as mothers tend to do insisted he would always be that happy little toddler she once walked door to door in a pretty little pink dress. A dress just like the one she had made for her I can Pose doll she once said just after Edward found the pictures. It was him sitting on the floor with that I can Pose doll taken just before he was led outside to go trick or treating.

It was him again sitting on that same living room floor when his mother came in to fix herself a wake up coffee and wondering, she would said later, what her son Edward had planned for her day. He was always doing odd things to honor her but this was his best idea ever and that too his mother said of that morning.

There was her eighteen year old son with that picture of him at eighteen months and her doll all set up for her to see when she woke. He was dressed identical to that doll and little boy. I'm told his mother confirmed that very thing after calming herself and true to that year he wore his little chiffon and ribbon trimmed dress in pink. A very pretty little slip with those adorable bloomers. Bloomers that hid a soft pair of plastic pants and a diaper pinned closed with little pink bunnies. He had even had lace socks made to go with his white strapped patent Mary Jane shoes.

The women who fashioned his outfit was thrilled to meet a boy so thoughtful and spent extra time on the lace trims. Including his bonnet he wore that day at his mother's and those days prior to that while his outfit came together. Everything was custom made and everything was fitted to Edward and the woman made sure that everything fit. It was she in fact that dressed him that morning for the drive to his mother's house and no small bit of irony that she drove him back to her house that evening.

No one can say for sure what went on that Mother's Day because neither will talk of it in any detail but I was told by the women who made the outfit that Edwards mother never left the house and of course neither did Edward. It was in fact her "day". It had been planned that way so Edward packed a diaper bag for the entire day including seven extra diapers, three more pair of pink plastic pants and two pink baby bottles.

According to Edwards mother and all she would ever say about it was it was one of the best mother's day presents she's ever had and according to Edward just as he imagined it must have been so very long ago. According the woman that made Edward's costume one of the best weekends she's spent as a baby sitter. Saying only that Edward was hardly any trouble at all.

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