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Boys As Dolls

Cindy's Cabbage Patch Doll

thumbnailIt was the wig that started it. Or rather Cindy finding James wearing that wig. "It goes with a costume mom made for me a couple of years ago!" Cindy said finding her boyfriend standing in front of her mirror. "... fashioned after a doll!" She added as she moved to her closet. It had been her favorite growing up. One of the few dolls she still had and a second later James was holding that doll Cindy still cherished.

She found the dress and pictures of her in it. Finding the dress was what prompted her light teasing. To Jim's credit he held out for nearly thirty minutes. To Cindy's credit he finally let her add the play diaper and plastic panties she'd worn under the ruffled pink panties that matched the dress. By that evening Cindy had two Cabbage patch dolls that were her favorites: One went back into her closet, the other was just learning to come out of it.

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