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Guys And Dolls



The coat had been his mother's as was the doll. Madeline had been her favorite growing up. The hat, a gift from the same aunt that had given her the doll. "So she could look like that little girl the doll was named after." Her aunt had said.

The dress, new, and purchased at the same little girl's dress shop as the shiny black shoes. Just as cute now as they had been back then she had said to the sales woman. White socks, as well, neatly folded, panties, also in white, to match the pretty little slip. She was nearly faint buying those. All that was left was too convince her young neighbor that the lingerie was necessary.

He'd already agreed to the dress although he hadn't seen it. He'd seen the coat and hat and the picture of that young star that had played Madeline in the movie, but not the dress. He also didn't know about the lingerie but he would. She wasn't sure how yet but he would.

The fraternity party was the reason he'd asked about an old dress of her's. Guys were going as girls and girls as guys. The coat, the reason he'd go as that little doll. What changed things a bit was the image of him as a little girl. Why that excited her wasn't all that clear, but it did and most of the reason she went shopping.

Of course that was also why she'd bought herself a new nightgown. The logic simple, in her mind, as she got ready for their dinner date. If she could entice him to help her out of that nightgown, after a nice dinner and a little wine, then perhaps she could entice him into those panties and slip.

It had been a long time since she had played with her doll Madeline. Although this was going to be the first time her doll Madeline ever played back. It should be noted, without going into too much detail, that Mark went to that party and was a hit as Madeline.

It was the doll dressed as he was that made everyone smile. It was that slip and panties he wore under his little dress that caused his grin. Although no one was smiling as much as his neighbor was after she slipped him into those pretty things.

She had her doll Madeline back and this time she was lots more fun to play with.

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