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Guys As Dolls

Ms. Carter's New Doll

Ms. Carter found her panties only by accident and with that discovery the slip she thought she'd lost in the laundromat a few weeks ago. Clearly Steven was taking and thumbnailmost likely wearing her lingerie. For most women that would have raised a great deal of concern given that a young man was taking her things and worse, wearing them.

Jane Carter though wasn't like most women and that more than anything was what saved Steven from a fate he often thought about but couldn't imagine. What to do about it took up a few days of thought as Jane went about her day to day business allowing Steven to do the same. It took another week to fashion what she needed and when she was finished she put her plan into action.

'It will really just be the dress. Your chin will only be the only thing that shows in the final picture. It's just that the girl's dress will look better if it looks like a girl is wearing it." Jane said after explaining that she needed a picture of the matching dress to her dolls. It would be a picture for the county fair with the dress on display along with her two dolls.

Steven was nearly faint at the prospects of wearing that dress and worked desperately to keep his emotions in check when Jane began explaining. She made matching dress sets for dolls and girls and she wanted Steve to wear the girl's dress while posing with the two large play dolls. The girl she normally used was out of town at the moment.

Steve waited for what he hoped was just long enough to make it seem he wasn't all that keen on doing so while Jane pleaded. He finally gave in and in his room stepped into the matching panties trimmed in a sweet lavender lace like the slip. She'd given him the Mary Jane shoes, socks, slip, panties and a training bra before handing him the dress.

Steven wasn't given panties and wished for those but didn't dare consider them given that it would be a bit much. He also didn't consider that the slip and dress fit so perfectly. Nor did the fact that the Mary Jane shoes were in his size. All he could think about was getting into those things. Which is exactly what he did before walking out of his room so that Jane could button up the back and tie the long sash into a bow.

It was too bad she was only taking pictures Steven thought as he stood before the backdrop while Jane brought the dolls over. She took a long time fusing with the dolls and then with his dress playing some with the layers of slips.

"Now be honest with me and tell me if you like this just a tiny bit." Jane said as she continued kneeling and fusing with the petticoats.

"Maybe a little!" Steven said flushing slightly more than he already was. An admission of that sort wasn't something boys made but under the circumstances it seemed ok.

"If you were a little girl would you like this dress then?" Jane asked still fluffing the skirt and slip.

"Yes, I suppose I would!" Steven said feeling his head spinning a little as he imagined just that.

Jane was having one of the most enjoyable days she could remember and only stood because she didn't want to make it obvious. She took a long time setting the camera up and a few more minutes fixing the dolls again before she started snapping pictures.

"Mind waiting just a little longer till I can make sure the pictures are on the computer?" Jane said.

Steven didn't mind at all. In fact Steven hoped that they hadn't come out and was lost to the whole of his sensations as Jane worked at her desk.

"Oh my!" Jane said sending a wave of panic and hope through Steven.

"What?" Steven asked wishing with all of his might that she'd need more pictures.

"It's just that you look so cute in that outfit. Here, I've put the image in a frame. Come over here and have a look." Jane said.

Steven did and on the screen was the image of him and those two dolls and just above his head written in a white script read: "My Little Sissy Doll Steven!"

Steven wasn't sure what to make of that caption and felt odd over the word Sissy as he stood there looking at an image he had only imagined.

"Like it?" Jane asked.

"I guess so?" Steven said trying not to sound too interested.

"I'll bet you with a pretty wig on and a little makeup you could step right outside and no one would be the wiser." Jane said.

"Really?" Steven said as he began to enjoy that prospect and the images it conjured up.

"Defiantly. Of course you'd have to wear panties with something like this." Jane said in a teasing voice as she stood. She drew close to Steven and panic rose again as she closed on him and added: "There are panties to this outfit. All my dolls have panties, slips to match their pretty dresses."

All Steven could get out was a soft: "Oh."

"Would you be interested in being one of my dolls?" Jane asked as she moved a finger over his cheek.

"What?" Steven asked now completely confused.

"If you were one of my dolls you would have to dress like this once in a while." Jane said as she brought her other hand up to his face. Both hands were holding him gently and before Steven could ask what she was doing she did it. Steven kissed back.

It was a soft kiss growing firmer as Jane wrapped her arms around her frightened young man. It grow more passionate sending Steven off into a world he often dreamed of.

"I really would like you to be my doll and if you say yes, you can keep my slip and panties and even more." Jane said between light kissing.

"What?" Steven said now panicked.

"I said that you could keep my slip and panties you took, and have your own pair in another second if you say yes." Jane said.

It had been a setup of some kind and Steven was lost to the confusion swirling within him as Jane stepped over to her sewing table. She returned with a pair of panties that Steven couldn't even imagine. A layer of satin under a layer of chiffon and trimmed in a deep purple to match the dress.

"Tell you what! Why don't I help you into these and then we can talk about why you like wearing girl's clothes and then I can tell you why I want to play with my new doll. OK?" Jane asked kissing Steven again as he took the panties from her.

Steven wasn't sure if he'd answered or not as Jane kneeled again and moved under his dress. He felt her tugging on his shorts and stood in confused silence as she tugged them off. He tried nodding his yes as Jane took the panties he held.

"I've always loved playing with dolls!" Jane said as Steven put a foot into that first opening.

Steven's moan wasn't very loud when the panties reached him and Jane smiled. She had twenty two dolls in that room. She had started with twenty one.

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