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Guys As Dolls

Doll Works

Chuck parked his car and took another look at his watch. He had two minutes before he had to go in and he never went in early. It was bad enough doing the four hours he had to do let alone adding even a minute to his time. He only wished that time went as fast as these last two minuets.

"Hi and how are you?" Rose said as Chuck came into the storage section of the doll shop.

"Fine!" Chuck said in a slightly surly tone. It was his third Saturday, he had twelve more left before he'd earned enough to pay for the damage he'd done. This wasn't social so he didn't have to be nice to the woman that had forced this on him. Although that wasn't exactly true since he was the one that had caused the damage and it was his decision to work it off this way rather than go to jail.

"Your outfit's in the bathroom!" Rose said as she lifted two of the four new dolls she'd gotten in that morning. Two would go on display, the other two had already been sold and would stay there till the customers picked them up. Meanwhile Chuck moved past Rose and into the bathroom.

She'd fashioned another new dress he noticed with disgust as he began taking his clothes off. This one at least was kind of cobalt blue and not pink or peach. He'd hated that pink one although the style of this was every bit a little girl's style like the rest. He pulled on the silken stockings, then the diaper that you wore like panties and then the panties. Like the rest these would show.

The slip followed and then the dress before he picked up the mask with it's matching bonnet. It took him nearly fifteen minutes to dress. It could have taken five but the longer Chuck took to get into his "costume" the less time he had to spend standing out front waving at passerby.

That was his sentence when the judge and Rose came out of chambers. He was going to be a sort of advertisement for the Doll Works dressing as one of the dolls for however long it took him to work off the fine. That fine was the cost of the glass case and dolls he'd ruined when he broke in.

Chuck had thought he was one shop over which held the video games and computers. He'd counted wrong the number of feet along the common roof that he used to gain access. When he stepped down he'd broken the glass case and damaged a half dozen dolls some of which were collectibles.

He'd pleaded no contest to the charges after the District Attorney had said that Rose was willing to work out a deal. Oddly enough it was Chuck's aunt that had suggested something along the lines of what he was doing. His aunt had gone to meet with Rose and plead a case for him. She didn't want him off the hook but she didn't want a criminal past either.

Rose and his aunt decided on humiliation as the best sort of punishment and Chuck's aunt left it up to Rose to come up with something for Chuck to wear. Rose did and Chuck's aunt had almost fainted dead away when she saw the outfit. Her nephew was going to work off the damages to the doll shop by becoming one of the dolls. It was very poetic and justice was definitely going to be served.

Chuck only agreed because the alternative was jail. It also helped that he'd be wearing a curly blond wig and a full face mask while he stood out front waving at the cars so they'd notice the doll shop. Ironically it worked because Rose saw a thirty percent increase in customer drop ins and almost twenty in sales increases.

"All set?" Rose asked smiling at the cute image of a doll coming from the back of the shop Chuck didn't answer because of the pacifier set into the girlish face of the doll mask. Rose had added that pacifier to the mask and it was just long enough that he had to take part of it in his mouth.

Chuck walked past and out the front door. A moment later he was waving at the cars going by on Main street.

"Man does that girl have guts!" Bruce said as he went into the computer store twenty feet from where Chuck was working.

"No kidding but she's cute as hell in that outfit!" Mark said following his friend Bruce into the store.

"Too young!" Bruce said as he started for the computer games.

"Never too young!" Mark said laughing before both boys dropped the subject.

Chuck had nearly wet himself when he saw his two best friends turn the corner from the alleyway. If they found out it was him dressed like this he was dead for sure. He'd never live it down. Only they looked but with no recognition before walking into the store.

They did look again when the left each with a small plastic bag holding their purchase. Mark waved and smiled. Chuck ignored him. Another hour passed and the last of his four hours had ended. He changed and filled in his time card before Rose signed it.

"See you next Saturday OK." Rose said.

"OK!" Chuck answered before heading through the back door and his car.

"You missed it!" Mark said as Chuck came up on his two friends twenty minutes later.

"Missed what?" Chuck asked.

"Well, while you are out slaving for your uncle, we went to the computer store and you know that doll shop next door? Well there is this girl that stands out front waving at people and believe it or not she's dressed as a doll. I mean like a real doll! Diaper, ruffled panties these really cute little short dress ... Cute as hell!" Mark said.

"Too young you pervert!" Bruce added.

"She's not that young I'll bet!" Mark said.

"No more than ten, maybe twelve?" Bruce said.

"How can you tell if she's wearing a mask." Mark said.

"Because I asked the lady Dim Wit!" Bruce said.

"You asked? When?" Mark said.

"Last Saturday after the girl had gone. I got a doll for my sister for her birthday and when I was in there I asked. Woman says it's her niece earning a little extra money and she's not a teenager yet." Bruce said in a matter of fact tone.

"She from around here?" Mark asked.

"No, she's visiting just for the Summer. The woman wouldn't give out any more information and that's that! Believe me I tried!" Bruce said.

"Damn! Too bad!" Mark said.

"Why?" Chuck asked scared out of his wits over the conversation but satisfied that his cover hadn't been blown.

"Why? Because I wouldn't mind playing with that little doll, that's why!" Mark said laughing.

Chuck shivered a little, smiled a little and yawned. He was tired he said and headed off. The rest of the day he spent in a panic.

"Rose?" Chuck said in his meekest voice.

"Yes honey, what is it?" Rose asked. She liked the tone with him dressed in that outfit.

"Rose, the guys have seen me! Not me actually but they've seen me in front and a bunch of them are coming over today to see if I'm out there again. Look, I can't do this anymore. It's getting too risky." Chuck said almost pleading.

"I saw them. I'm inclined to agree with you but you've still got a number of weeks left before those damages are paid for. OK, here's the deal, take it or leave it, you come in, get dressed and just go ahead and go upstairs to my place. You can work off your fine cleaning house. How's that?" Rose asked.

Chuck considered it. At least it won't be outside he decided. He could do that and said as much. Rose smiled and this time had him spend the day dusting the dolls and cleaning out back. She had him wear his outfit anyway. The boys did show, stood around for a bit before they left.

That following week Chuck arrived feeling just a little better. There was his outfit as it always was but it wasn't a doll's dress as before. It was more like those fetish maid outfits only this one was in a pink slipper satin. Just as short, petticoats and that ever present diaper but it was clearly a maid's outfit.

"What's this suppose to be?" Chuck asked.

"Your costume! You are still going to dress while you work. That much hasn't changed." Rose said.

"I'm not wearing this stuff!" Chuck said.

"No problem. Go get that baby set and get into it and stand outside, or call your probation officer and tell him you've quit!" Rose said.

"It's not fair!" Chuck said realizing he was stuck between a rock and a hard place. It wasn't but then again he didn't have much choice as found the linen closet and the vacuum cleaner. There was something about moving in his little dress that kept his mind occupied. He definitely could do this he mused as he started moving faster.

"Post Script:

Chuck started back at school in the Fall as did everyone else. He had worked his fine off cleaning for Rose all the way up to his last. day. Oddly enough he's still working for Rose with the only difference being that she dresses him now. It's almost full time as a matter of fact, although he's not always actually working.

Sometimes, Rose just dresses him and they play. She's always loved playing with dolls she once whispered to him while he was bent over dusting one day. He'd jumped nearly a foot ahead when she patted him. Her kiss soothed his anger, and several more got him to her bedroom.

When he met up with the guys on that one particular day he was in a pretty chipper mood and they noticed. "You're acting like you've just been laid?" Bruce said.

Chuck, misunderstanding what Bruce said panicked as he asked: "Did you say maid?"

"Maid? No? I said laid! Why?" Bruce asked.

"Just wondering!" Chuck said calming down a bit.

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