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Hey Barbie! You're Just My Size!


Jeff adored Joan and it was clear that Joan adored Jeff. She was a foot taller and she was short making Jeff very short as people go. Joan was the only one that could tease him about it, but did in a loving sort of way. Until Christmas and that morning when they opened their gifts.

Jeff thought it was golf clubs for the two weeks he waited. It wasn't and that Just My Size Barbie came with two outfits besides. One for Jeff, Joan noted, and one for his new Barbie. The only reason he even thought of wearing it was that Joan had changed. Joan and was now in pig tails tied off with pink bows and wearing a very frilly pink little girl's dress.

She'd always wanted to have her own Barbie she noted. She grew up too poor, she also said. Till now, she noted very softly while moving playfully to Jeff. Ten minutes later Joan had two Butterfly Fairy Barbies to play with. One of them giggled. image.



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