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Boys as Dolls? Now what a wonderful idea that would be.
So wonderful that I've begun this section seperate from the Boys in Costumes.
These would be slightly less traditional as costumes but my kind of costumes!
These are costumes for boys who might find themselves as dolls one day.
My kind of day!
What would a big girl give to have a big doll to play with?
A doll just like the one she had as a little girl only this one giggles?
A doll suitable for a big girl that still likes playing with dolls?


Click On Page Number or image to View The Dolls

Page 1: My Little Doll Emily,
Page 2: My "I can Pose" Doll

Page 3: I'm Baby Brite,
Page 4: Raggedy Ann,
Page 5: Chuck As Cindy Cuddles

Page 6: For Display Only
Page 7: Stan The Man,
Page 8: Cabbage Patch Kid

Page 9: Barbie's New Sister Skipper
Page 10: Mark and his Madiline Doll
Page 11: Baby Model

Page 12: Ms. Carter's New Doll
Page 13: The Doll Works
Page 14: Butterfly Fairy Barbie

Page 15: Suzy, Take Me Anywhere, Companion Doll
Page 16: You've Got Mail

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