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Mother's Little Domestic
My Sister And I

thumbnailHe was a natural his mother said with a small touch of pride in her voice. Tommy would never grow up to be like his father. His mother knew it the day she caught him in her robe and nightgown.

He'd changed into it just before changing his sister he'd confessed when his mother came home unexpectedly and found him doting over his family's new charge. What wasn't so surprising was how perfectly natural he looked sitting there at the kitchen table giving his sister her first bottle of the day.

Some say, the doctor noted with a reassuring voice, that the maternal instinct is just as strong in boys as in girls except we train it out of boys. Some also say that boys with that instinct are more apt to grow up more like girls than boys. It was all that Tommy's mother needed and that very same day Tommy got all that he needed.

His first dress and dainties and a pinafore to wear when he played mommy. Of course with a new baby sister to care for Tommy would have a lot of time playing as mommy. He would certainly need a few more dresses his mother noted.

As Tommy's mother sometimes notes to those with that odd look on their face: "There is no better sister for looking after a baby than a brother that would rather be that sister. Besides, she would sometimes say, Tommy was already coming out. All she did was cover him in something appropriate when he did."

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