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Boys In Nursery Rhymes - Little Miss Muffet

Mark complained as any boy might but the truth was he had seen the dress, the slip he'd wear under it and the ruffled panties under that. He complained but not too loudly. There was a pair of white patent mary jane shoes and white socks, but it was the dress he had fallen in love with. Soft pastel pink, with a nearly white pinafore he'd wear over that. The perfect little dress to play the part of Little Miss Muffet.

The community center's summer nursery rhyme presentation was a month away and since the town didn't have many girls it was almost always boys playing their parts. Although that really wasn't why Mark complained though and his mother knew it. His mother knew it and played her part as well as he played his looking at him with a sympathetic nod.

Deep down she knew that his complaints were simply because he was a boy and she had nodded that nod of understanding because the mother of a boy who must dress as a girl must never look too pleased. It was the same game they had played last year and the year before that. It would be this way next year and she was already looking for his dress and material she fashion it from.

But that wasn't why Mark needed to dress so far in advance of the play and she said so again and then he nodded. Mark knew he would be sitting down on a very short stool called a tuffet and Mark knew he would be doing so in a very short little dress with slips under it. It was why he'd be wearing those ruffled panties and why he'd need to practice.
Little girls in short little dresses must learn how to sit so only what that little girl wants to show - shows. Every little girl learns that and in this case Mark must learn it as well. He had one month before his recital and that was more than enough time to practice and when his mother wasn't looking he smiled. Of course his mother had turned away because she was smiling as well.

Little Miss Muffet sat on a tuffet,
Eating her curds and whey.
There came a big spider,
He sat down beside her.
And frightened Miss Muffet away!

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