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Story Book Looks - Snow white Ballerina

Once upon a time

thumbnailIt was such a pretty Spring day that John hardly cared that he'd have to spend some of it with his aunt at her dance store. His aunt didn't open her store on Sundays but this day was special. A little girl's grandmother was ill and bed ridden because of that illness and she had wanted so badly to see her grand daughter dance in her little Snow White Ballerina costume.

Unfortunately that little girl had borrowed the costume and only John's aunt had one like it. So it was that when John's aunt took the call on Saturday she gave it her highest priority. She would let the little girl wear one of the costumes she had, give the mother time to take whatever pictures she might want and, of course, make a sick grandmother happy and perhaps feel a little better.

John's day, with the exception of that hour before it started, would be spent at the park playing ball, climbing trees and doing whatever else a boy does when he's let loose on a day like this one. Only there was that little girl and as cute as she was to her mother and John's aunt it made him snicker a bit. Snickering a bit is what boys do when they can't admit to things boys can never admit to and being in a girl's dance shop with a girl in a girl's costume was all of those things that boys snicker over.

It made the girl, already nervous, more so and she began to cry. It wasn't exactly a perfect picture when her face began puffing and even if her mother could coax her to stop crying the little girl wanted no more part of that costume or those pictures. It was a thoughtless act John's aunt said after leading him into the back of her shop. It was and John knew it even as he had snickered.

He also knew his aunt and his mother as well so when his aunt suggested he wear that same costume in "his" size he said no in a voice that pleaded it as well. He had to his aunt said with no room for argument. It would make the little girl comfortable if she saw a young boy delighted enough to dress up as well. It would also undo what he had done and with that said there were no arguments left to be made. So John followed his aunt into a dressing room and took the nylon tights she handed him.

He worked those on then stepped into the body suit of satin before turning so his aunt could zip it closed. He wanted to cry like that little girl had when he saw himself in the mirror. Shoes followed and his aunt tied the satin ribbons that held them on before she slipped a large bow also of satin over his hair. Her handbag held everything else John needed to look pretty and he was when she had him step into the small tulle and chiffon petticoat and yellow satin skirt.

That little girl snickered as he had but then laughed because boys shouldn't wear such things. That's what she said to her mother as she was helped into her own version of John's costume. Little sissy boys and pretty little girls do John's aunt said looking at her nephew and John nodded. That little girl was delighted and did all the poses she had done that night she danced and then happily showed John some for his own pictures.

The woman promised John's aunt a full set of her own pictures since several were of him and of her daughter. There was a second promise before she left that no one besides them would ever know that the pretty little girl standing next to her daughter was not a little girl at all. John's aunt hummed to herself as hung his costume back but allowed him to keep the tights on since those could no longer be sold. His own socks and shoes helped hide those silken threads when she dropped him off at the park.

It was such a pretty day that day and John played as boys play but every once in a while ... Every once in a while he would stop. He would stop doing whatever it was he was doing and ponder what boys sometimes ponder. He would ponder and tug at his jeans and then, for hardly no reason at all, smile.

The End

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