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Story Book Looks - Ms. White's Gown

Once upon a time

thumbnailMark loved traveling as much as his mother did and when his father moved for the service they followed. Only this time Mark would live in a real house for the time they spent there. His aunt had insisted her sister and he stay there and with a house already full of children one more was hardly an issue. Eight girls didn't excite Mark but a farm did and all the hugs came that following morning as he'd expected.

He knew it was Halloween day and that he would be dressing as something that night or would have but that was back in the place they'd left and there was no time to hunt for a costume. Which wasn't an issue his aunt said happily given that the girls loved Disney and nearly every other story book character. She said that because over the years there was almost enough costumes in nearly every size to fill a store. There simply had to be something for him to wear and of course there was.

Those costumes hung on a large rack that stood in the attic along with clothes also hung there till the seasons changed. Snow white in a size twelve his aunt said as she moved along each reading the small bits of paper held to the hanger with a diaper pin. Mark was a size twelve she said after his mother gave her his chest size.

It was one of the better costumes because of the satin material she'd used she added making that a point worthy of noting as Mark looked on. A second hanger hanging next to the first held the long flowing slip that was purchased in a thrift store that was once worn by a blushing young bride or so his aunt imagined and smiled at Mark's own blush.

Halloween bends all of those rules boys mush follow she had said when he objected at dinner. She said it again after leaving him to step into the slip on his own. Taffeta and tulle and lace has it's own way of bending those rules boys must follow he thought as he moved to the dresser owned by one of his cousins. She was a size twelve because she was twelve and while he was a bit older her panties fit and he knew that seconds after he opened her drawer.

He was standing in that slip that hid the half slip he'd added that covered the panties he stepped into first and his aunt simply assumed that his blush was from embarrassment. It was and it wasn't as the satin dress came over his head mixing with the noise of the slips as the skirts fell over the taffeta with a rustle. It was Susan, the oldest sitting on the floor with her youngest sister, that saw the lace of her slip when Mark sat for his shoes.

It was Mark's mother softly asking about that slip after Susan had asked her mother why he was wearing it. Confession is often good for the soul his mother said and the panties were discussed as well. Boys are not meant for such things his mother noted and left all the reasons for that unsaid. Except, she added, on those rare occasions when boys are allowed those exceptions and this day was one of those days.

Susan nodded her agreement following the conversation with her mom because she did understood such things. She didn't fully understand boys per se but she understood because she would hate to wear pants like a boy. She had pants because she lived on a farm but her pants had to be lined in nylon because she hated the feel of anything else. So Susan understood and while Mark's mother helped Mark finish dressing Susan was picking things out that Mark might also like.

Mark found the nightgown when he and the other girls returned from town later that night. It had been wonderful walking down both sides of the street and among the homes so close together. No one hardly noticed the eight girls had grown to nine or that one of the three dressed as Snow white was not actually a girl. Nor did his mother say much other than wear a robe after he put the Disney nightgown on with Disney's girls decorating it.

He had more than enough panties for his stay and a pair of bib overalls that had Snow white on the pocket but more than that they were lined in nylon. Susan hated the feel of cotton her mother said smiling at her nephews pretty face at the breakfast table. Of course no one could appreciate that more than Mark.

Nor the new rules he was going by. At least the newest given to him by his mother last night as he readied himself for bed. That rule that said a boy could, when no other boys are around, play with girls and play girl games but only if he's dressed as a girl.

The End

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