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Story Book Looks - Oh My Goodness!

Once upon a time

thumbnailStan loved the theater but not center stage. His passion came from learning to make backdrops, special effects and scenes that he considered more important than cast. He would someday play an important role in an important movie and proudly watch his name roll past in the credits. That would be four years from now when he graduated.

Carol was beside herself when she came back stage from her office. She was looking for Susan she said or better said hoping Susan was still here. Susan wasn't and Stan knew that because he was the only one still here. It was Carol's fault she said confusing Stan as he stood uncomfortably wondering what to say next. Carol left him tongue tied most times and this time and, of course, in love with his teacher all the time.

Carol knew that and while any number of students found her attractive she hardly ever took advantage of them. At least not often but Stan was an exception and the play she wrote had begun just a few minutes ago and she did so because Stan was an exception.

"Can I help?" Stan asked as more of something to say than actually making an offer.

"No but that was sweet!" Carol said letting a tear fall before turning around. She walked off a few feet, stopped and stood a bit for dramatic timing before turning back to Stan. She made a motion to speak, shook her head as if to clear it, began to turn again but stopped once more and added: "I'm desperate and I need a favor. If you say no I'll understand.

Stan waited but Carol didn't say anything. She looked as if she was desperate and pondering that favor and of course she was. "Anything? If I can?" Stan said just happy to be asking.

Carol hesitated only a moment more, wrung her hands and said: Susan was suppose to be here for the pictures but I told her that it's tomorrow and the photographer is coming within the hour and he's gone tonight for a week.

If I don't get her picture in costume or at least a picture of someone in her costume I don't get the graphics made for the Play Bills. Can you do the poses the photographer needs?"

Stan started to say yes and in fact was halfway through a nod when he realized what he was saying yes to. Susan was playing Snow White. Susan was a girl and that was a girl's costume and if Stan understood her she was asking him if he'd pose as Susan in Susan's costume.

"Please?" Carol said letting her eyes water just a bit. Having taught acting for the past fifteen years left her with a set of her own skills and she was using a few of them at that moment.

"I guess!" Stan said letting the images of what he was imagining crowed out his hesitation and in a hope to satisfy her desires but not wear a dress he asked: "Will it fit? And ... Well, I don't look much like a girl?"

Carol almost told him otherwise but caught herself. He looked very much like a girl was at least a dress size smaller than Susan and Susan was a size four petite. It's what had attracted Carol to Stanley and why she was doing what she was doing. She hesitated before saying: "I can fix that part and yes, the dress should fit."

It did fit. So did the slip that Susan would never wear but was sensuous in it's layers of tulle, taffeta and nylon. It went with the long pantaloons that were also made of taffeta lined in satin. Under the satin of the dress it made a girl feel prissy and a boy most definitely sissy and Stan was most definitely feeling those things against this skin.

He was also amazed at how pretty he did look when Carol finished before adding the large red hair bow on top of his wig. He met the photographer ten minutes later who was a dear friend of Carol's. A good friend that could keep her silence and play the part of a photographer.

Those pictures took the better part of two hours and covered nearly every pose she could imagine that would have Stan moving about in his outfit. Stan had been in those things for almost three hours when the lady that was taking the pictures left. It was almost eight and Carol insisted she make dinner for her brave young man and wouldn't take no for an answer.

Of course Stan wouldn't have said no and was thrilled to be sitting next to the love of his life on the way to her house. He'd been told he looked lovely and adorable and very cute by the gal shooting and Carol apologized for those remarks but warned him that she too thought he was very pretty as a girl.

It made Stan blush crimson more than a few times by the time they sat down for dinner and when he was full and nearly finished helping with the dishes blushed again when she laughed and said: "It's ironic I suppose and this will no doubt get me into trouble but I'm very attracted to that pretty young thing I had the pleasure of knowing."

Stan wasn't sure how to respond and felt the heat of his face even more when her finger stroked his cheek. He might have fainted if she hadn't just then put her arms around him and kissed. Actually she kissed him, that is, and he kissed back.

He was naked again only this time he wasn't alone and this time there was no photographer but what harm can a nightgown cause as it came over his head. He did smile at the Snow White applique on the front and thought that a bit ironic as well as it fell over him. Actually it was only full length for a very short time after that.

He was back stage again adding a support piece to a back drop savoring that weekend he'd just had and blushing still. Blushing and not sure if it was those intimate moments or the things she had put him into.

Costumes she said and no doubt they were but a diaper is still a diaper and baby pants still baby pants and a little pink dress, still a little pink dress. He had said yes to this Friday. He had said yes to everything already so he knew what the weekend held. When he did get up the courage to ask all she would say of the weekend coming up was that she adored Shirley Temple almost as much as him.

The End

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