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Story Book Looks - Little Cindy

Once upon a time

thumbnailShe hadn't lied. She had been very clear and up front with him and if he had hang-ups, and it sounded like he did, those were not her fault. It was a Cinderella dress and it was her sister's and yes it was short, and very little girlish and clearly needed the ruffled panties under it but all of that simply made it even cuter.

Wasn't cuter in a costume better? In her mind it was better and Martin, with all of his hang ups, could simply turn around and walk away and that would be that. Which Martin had considered for those first few minutes after seeing what he'd be wearing. She told him she was going as Prince Charming and needed a Cinderella and Martin was perfect given his size.

Perfect he realized now was a guy small enough to fit into a dress meant for a little girl. It was his curse he said in frustration making her shake her head no as she said that a guy like him was perfect for that dress but that wasn't what she'd meant. What she had meant was that a guy like him was perfect for a girl like her.

Guys like Martin turned on girls like Susan and what better reason, she added, than that to bring a couple together? It was and wasn't what got him into the dress. What got Martin into that dress or rather into those satiny panties with the ruffles meant to show and a slip that could have easily been a dress was that kiss she gave him.

That kiss and a hand that felt like satin when it touched his face and even that wasn't exactly all of the reason he wore what he wore. Actually what made him say yes or rather nod and give in was that bed. That bed and the promise or suggestion that since they wouldn't be back till late perhaps he could spend the night there.

When he said that he didn't have anything else with him but what he had worn to her place she laughed and told him that she had a whole room of things he could wear. That might have scared most boys but by this time Martin was already wearing some of it and that pat, when it came, hinted it was ok with her that he was covered in ruffles.

It was also ok when she called him Little Cindy. Cindy for Cinderella she noted as she grabbed her purse and his hand to walk him to the car. The little Cinderella backpack that Martin picked up with his own girlish accessories in it was new she told him. One of many gifts he'd have if he simply cooperated a little. He did. More than a little.

The End

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