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Story Book Looks

Alex In Wonderland

Once upon a time


Freckles, dimples and a face that would require identification in bars till he was thirty. Those were some of the things that drove Ms. Helen Evens to daydreams she hadn't had since high school. Day dreams that started when her new boarder began renting three months ago. Although that wouldn't have explained fully those odd little fantasies she was having at the moment as she added his wig.

Why dressing a young man as a little girl did what it was doing wasn't clear but her head hadn't been clear since this started. Not since the slip. That slip, those bloomers, the dress and oddly enough Mary Jane shoes that fit over his white knee socks perfectly.

He was Alice as in the Alice in Wonderland or perhaps it would be more appropiet to call him Alex in Wonderland given his view of it. Alice for her and as cute as she'd imagined he'd be. Her Dear Sweet Alice she thought to herself.

He of course thought he was helping her for the pictures she'd be taking to be put up on Ebay. Pictures to go with the costume she said she was selling. It would be only a tiny bit ironic that he himself, if he'd had to courage to ask, might have bought it and saved her the trouble. I mean it wasn't as if he was dressing as a girl he thought as he shifted in the slips a little.

At least that was what he was forcing his mind to think because the dress was a crisp polyester in powder blue under a stark white pinafore with the dress lined. That lining slid over soft chiffon slips and those bloomers were as silky as the rest of it. Helen knew fabrics and how to sew and that a costume isn't really officially a dress and smiled at her young renter.

She had chosen a Daisy Kingdom pattern for both the dress and pinafore because Daisy Kingdom knew girls or in this case boys that should be. She'd made it to his measurements taken one afternoon when he was doing his laundry and left it unattended. His shoes were new and he'd commented on that when they went on so easily. Her niece, years ago when the costume was made, favored her father in shoe sizes she told him.

He was a little surprised at what she wanted him to wear but she'd let him more or less wiggle off the hook had he wanted. She did that by telling him if he was too hung-up on such things he didn't have to help. She'd simply wait till one of her other renters came home from work. Boys hate being accused of having hang ups more than they pretend hating dresses.

It was also ironic that the costume was Alice In Wonderland he had thought when she'd asked. He loved that story when he had read it. That proper young British girl so prim and proper sitting under a tree in a pretty dress was a dream he'd had more than once. And the fit ...

The fit was nearly perfect or as perfect as it might have been had it been made for him. That too was odd. Curiouser and curiouser he thought with amusement taking the words out of the book itself. He wasn't stupid given his grades in collage but he was slow or wondered if he was because he had one brief thought that she might have done this on purpose.

A thought more fantasy than reality and one that made him laugh. A laugh more nervous than humorous.

"What?" Helen asked.

"Nothing. Just a thought." He said standing against the wall in the living room. So we going to take those pictures or what?" Alex asked.

"Right now!" She said setting the camera up on it's tripod. The first few shots were more or less basic. Front, back and details. Only it wasn't doing it for her she said.

"What?" Alex asked.

"The poses are too ... Too frozen ... Too boring." Helen said.

"I haven't done this much!" Alex said in his defense.

"I know. So I'll guide you through the steps. First let's start with a curtsey!" Helen said walking over and turning to face the same direction he was facing. He had felt terribly self conscious already but taking hold of his skirt in such a dainty fashion and then doing something only a prissy little girl might do was adding insult to injury.

Worse she had him practice a few then pose before the shot and then do a few more for additional shots. It was one of the advantages of a digital camera she said as she deleted all but the best of her pictures.

He twisted to the right, then left, then twirled, sat with his knees together, with his knees apart and finally did some cheesecake as she called it like you would if you wanted people to see your slips. That was before he sat on the floor looking very demure after a few hints on how to look demure.

It was one of those things that was planned and not planned and time itself was helping. He was becoming more relaxed which was her intent and she was actually teaching a bit about girls in dresses. Only the camera was justification for what they both realized at different times was something they were enjoying.

She was tellig him as he posed this way or that how pretty he was ... How delightfully adorable and so girlish and sometimes he'd blush. He was always aware that sometimes she didn't take pictures but simply look at him through the camera and wishing it would go on forever. It would.

There were twenty images on her computer and he was still dressed as he helped chose the best. She'd like this one or that and he'd agree and dinner time came. He was going to change and his reluctance was obvious when she breached the topic asking him if he wouldn't mind staying dressed for a little longer.

It was a risky request giving that the original intent was long past and he was going to ask why but thought she might change her mind so he nodded and blushed again. There was something in the air that both could feel. One hoping it was there and happy that it was and the other beginning to realize it.

Her voice softened when he stood as she said that he was driving her to distraction and she couldn't help herself. It was as ackward a moment as either had when they kissed. He feeling oddly out of sorts but thrilled to be and she finding that moment she'd been thinking about when he'd stepped into those bloomers.

The rest would best be considered private but if there was an orchastra it would have been violins at first then something on the order of canons and drums as their passions grew. When it ended and reality snuck back into the fantasies the reality was discussed. She simply didn't have the heart to sell that costume now and would love the thought of him "having it".

He loved the idea as well and blushed far less when he said as much. This time when he sat after helping with dinner first he knew how to do so and did so. He was very proper and she teased him between pats on the knee as they ate.

That night it was one of her nightgowns that he wore into her bed but those that followed would be his and far more childish than she wore. So too some of the outfits she was posing him in at times and between pageant dresses and costumes he had nearly as many fancy dresses as any girl might that loved playing dress up.

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