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Mary Beth's
Story Book Looks


Boys that love dressing as girls imagine themselves as girls in any number of ways.
Almost all of them, at one time or another, sit quietly pretending not to notice
how pretty that character before them is; and, all the while thinking how wonderful it would be to be her.
Almost every character I grew up with that was female made me wish I was female.
If for no other reason than to wear what she was wearing.
All of the boys here know what I'm talking about and if you're also here then I suspect you do to.
And, if that's true then, by all means, step in and share some of those Story Book Looks I'll define.

I've received email about some of the charactors you'd like to see.
Thank you for that and of course I'll do my best to represent them all over time.
Some of you have also confused a few of the charactors (as I have on occation)
So what follows is a quick "who's who" for this section.

Disney's Princess Aurora is also known as Sleeping Beauty,
Princess Jasmine is Jasmine from Aladdin,
Princess Belle is from Beauty and The Beast
Princess Ariel is also known as The Little Mermaid,
Princess Cinderella is of course Cinderella
Princess Snow White
plays herself from story Snow White and The Seven Drawfs.
Alice is Alice in "Alice and Wonderland" and "Through a Looking Glass"
and Dorothey plays Dorothey in the Wizard of Oz.

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This section will often have variations on a single theme.

Page 1 John As Snow White In: Snow White Ballerina
Page 2 Mark As Snow White In: Ms. White's Gown
Page 3 Stan As Snow White In: Oh My Goodness

Page 4 Bobby As Cinderella In: Oh My, I'm A Girl!
Page 5 Martin As Cinderella In: Little Cindy

Page 6 Baby Alice (Story in Two Parts)
Page 7 Alex As Alice In: Alex In Wonderland



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