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Mary Beth's Stills And Stunts


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Between 1924 and 1963 which was when the first "stunt" woman performed there were over a thousand little girls staring in pictures. Girls from the ages of two to twelve. Girls staring in all sorts of roles and doing so long before girls were allowed to perform stunts for those girls in those pictures. So it was up to some very brave young men to do what girls were not allowed to do back then. Young men you will never recognize only because they all performed their stunts dressed as those little girls. So this sections will provide space and pay homage to what I consider some of the luckiest boys on Earth


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Just For The Record: Annie and a guy named Bobby

Mary Beth's First Shirley Temple Stunt Boy

An Interview with David Marks Tapped on Hollywood's Hot Happenings

Page 1 : Keith Benton As Little Nell "Between Takes"
Page 2: Rick Wilcox as Shirley Temple "Earning His Pay"
Page 3: Martin Everson As Dimples "In Wardrobe"
Page 4: Bob Camrey As Baby Alice "During A Setup Shot"
Page 5: Stan Carter As Tammy in "Mommy's Girl's"

Row 1


Page 6: John and Chuck as Extras Waiting For Makeup
Page 7: Tim Turner as Sally in: "I Want To Be Just Like Shirley Temple"
Page 8: Tom McCall as Little Clair in: "The Clair Even's Story!"
Page 9: Rick Marks As Alice Meeks in: "The Don's Daughter!"
Page 10: Robert Chase As Helen Sims in: "Plantation!"

Row 2


Page 11: Bobby Maxwell and his Girl Gifts
Page 12: Carl Broadbent as Carol at Home Practicing
Page 13: Art Franks Dressed As A Little Girl For a Birthday Party
Page 14: Mark Simpson On How He Started Cross Dressing
Page 15: Dan Cook, Stunt Sissy.

Row 3


Page 16: Mike Wilson On Being A Girl
Page 17: Tim Mathews Explains That Picture of Him on His Aunt's Mantle
Page 18: Mark Gibson as Cindy Mathews in the Movie: Tree House
Page 19: John Goodhouse as Julie Franks - Candid Photo
Page 20: Steve Franks staring in: Southern Dolls.

Row 4


Page 21: Jack Tanner: On Call.
Page 22: Mace Mathews: First Time as a girl.
Page 23: John Andrews: Friends In The Business.
Page 24: Mark Smith: The Curtsy.
Page 25: Brad Allison as Private Billy.

Row 5


Page 26: AGA or Associative Gender Attachment
Page 27: Grandmother and the Ladies
Page 28: Too Far Sometimes
Page 29: Worse Photos
Page 30: Dressing Outside of Work

Row 6


Page 31: School Girl
Page 32: An Interview
Page 33: Adjustments
Page 34: Diaper Deal
Page 35: Up skirt shots

Row 7


Page 36: Set Up
Page 37: Honorary Girl
Page 38: John Adams - Baby Stunt Girl
Page 39: Bob Tucker as Shirley T.
Page 40: One of the Girls!

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