We moved the oldest, longest running Sissy & ABDL site long ago. Our main site, Betty's Pubs 5.4, for Sissy & ABDL pictures, videos, & chat has moved from it's old server to it's own server & domain I used to use for my old company. Established in March 1994, it's the oldest, longest running Sissy & ABDL site in the world!
It's at,

Our Sissy & ABDL story site, with stories written by our users & some famous authors in the community has also moved. You may have seen some of these stories somewhere else, but most of ours are the first draft of them in their original form, posted by the original authors. It got so busy with so much traffic that I moved it from our main site to it's own independent site, domain, & host in April 1994. As it continued to get busy, it got put on it's own server too. It still get's about 10,000-16,000 visitors per day & new stories are always being posted!

It's the oldest longest running Sissy or ABDL story site in the world!
We also carry or have archives available of most of our stories going back over 20 years!
If you can't find it or we don't have it, we can find it for you.
Also at the story site, we carry a section for Kinky Sissies & ABDLs.
The Sissy & ABDL story site is at,

Looking for something else? Our back-up site also contains Forums on Science, Technology, Astronomy, Nature, Pets, Paranormal, TV, Movies, & Music. It's a shame to have a back-up site, & not use it when we don't need back-up. So join in the new site, sign up to chat, & enjoy a fresh new place. It's called PSK Research. It's at,


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